Dental Savings Plan

One of the most common concerns dental patients have is about how they can affordably receive the dental treatments they may need.  Patients who have dental insurance typically are provided a benefit that allows them to receive examinations, x-rays, and simple cleanings at a minimal out of pocket cost, as well as some assistance with any additional treatment that may be needed.  Unfortunately, many people do not have access to dental insurance and are left with the total financial responsibility for their entire treatment.

At Dental Care Associates, Dr. Chase and Dr. Deeter are proud to offer a dental savings plan that helps patients without insurance affordably receive the care that they need.  Patients who are part of the dental savings plan pay a yearly fee that allows them to have free examinations, free x-rays, free simple cleanings, free preventive fluoride treatment, free tooth whitening, and an additional 10% savings on any other needed treatment.  The plan has no monthly fees and no maximum benefit amount.

Consider the following savings example: A typical patient in the dental office requires two simple cleanings, two dental examinations, yearly x-rays, and two fluoride treatments per year.  An uninsured patient would typically be billed the full fee for these services, or around $595.  Patients who are part of the dental savings plan would pay only $399 for an adult or $339 for a child under 18, resulting in a savings of nearly $200!  This is a 33% savings on routine care, and any other needed treatment would be completed at a 10% discount. Also, the adult patient will receive free professionally made whitening trays and whitening gel, another $405 value absolutely free!

It’s easy to see how this program allows a significant savings and benefit for our uninsured patients. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, or if you have any additional questions about our savings program, call us today at 701-852-0632.

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