Hands down to great service.. I decided to grind my teeth during Thanksgiving and broke one in half.. Bless Dr. Deeter!


My son broke a tooth at school yesterday and they were able to get him in within 2 hours.


Great dentist with care and compassion. They think of everything to make the visit more comfortable.


I’ve never felt comfortable going to the dentist until I found Dental Care Associates, definitely one of the BEST dentists!


Great dental I will refer people to come here, great staff


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As your family dentist, our goal is to take care of all of your oral health care needs. We care for patients of all ages. As soon as a baby starts to show the symptoms of teething, our dental care team offers an exam and tips on how to care for your baby’s gums and teeth. We are here for you and your family all the way through your senior years in order to help your enjoy healthy teeth and gums for your entire life.

We offer a full range of dental services. Most people should visit us twice each year for a prophylactic exam and professional cleaning. The exam includes a screening for oral cancer, checking for signs of gum disease and making sure that your teeth come together properly in your mouth. The cleaning removes plaque and tartar that are difficult to remove at home on your own.

Once each year, we take digital X-rays of your mouth. This allows us to see the tooth roots and areas between your teeth that are otherwise difficult to visualize. Every three to five years, we measure the pockets of gum tissue around your tooth roots. This procedure allows us to monitor
your gum health. If you have gingivitis, we may do this more frequently.

Another important part of our family dentistry services is educating you and your family about taking care of your teeth at home. We offer recommendations for toothpaste, mouth rinse, floss and toothbrushes. Our hygienists provide you with guidance on proper brushing and flossing techniques that will help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Some specialty treatments we offer include root scaling and planing. These procedures are designed to reverse gum disease or halt its progress. We place fillings, inlays and onlays on teeth damaged by decay. We also place crowns and perform root canal treatments. Our cosmetic dental procedures include professional in-office teeth whitening and the placement of porcelain dental veneers.

We are also here to handle any dental emergency that you may develop. Facial swelling, bleeding of a tooth or gums or an injury that causes a tooth to become chipped, cracked, broken, loose or knocked out of its socket are all types of emergencies that we take care of. Our dentists also care for severe toothaches, damaged, loose or lost fillings and crowns and broken or damaged dental bridges, braces brackets, wires and bands.

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