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Learn to Smile and Eat again!

For people who have not been able to maintain and keep their original teeth, implant supported and retained dentures are a great option.  If you know people who have conventional dentures they will likely tell you that there are many foods they can’t eat because of the limitations of their dentures. At Dental Care Associates we can place implants to support and hold the dentures in place so that eating, talking, and laughing can happen again.

Our dentists have completed continuing education in denture techniques in an effort to achieve the best possible denture esthetics, function, and comfort for our patients.  We often use a group of dental implants to help hold dentures in place if patients have been struggling with their dentures.  This can greatly improve denture stability for our patients and, very often, Dr. Deeter can use his surgical knowledge and training to place the required implants right in our office.  Additionally, Dr. Chase has studied and uses functionally generated denture impression techniques.  This process allows denture fit to be produced by the patient’s mouth during normal chewing and speaking function, rather than by standard denture impression techniques.  We have found that this technique helps us to maximize denture fit while minimizing or even eliminating adjustments for sore spots after the dentures are completed.

If you are considering dentures or have an existing set of dentures that you are not satisfied with we have treatment options that may benefit you.  Please take a moment to look at our before and after photos below of denture treatment completed in our office.  Our team at Dental Care Associates hopes that you have found this information helpful.  Only a professional evaluation and consultation can determine which, if any, treatment may be indicated for you.  Please feel free to contact us at 701-852-0632 to schedule an examination appointment. We are currently accepting new patients.

How much do Dentures Cost?

Some of the most common and important questions patients have when considering denture treatment are about costs and payment options.  There is a great deal to consider before an exact cost can be arrived at, including patient desires and treatment complexity.  We tailor each individual plan to the patient’s oral condition after an examination.  Additionally, before any treatment is begun we make sure that all costs have been carefully considered and discussed so that our patients don’t have any financial surprises.  We also understand, however, that patients who are considering denture treatment are often curious about approximate costs for treatment options before coming in to the office.  The cost for treatment begins at around $2,000 for fabrication of a single, new complete denture without implant placement.  The best way to know what costs will be is to come in for a no obligation consultation with our dentists.  We can provide an evaluation to determine which treatment option may be best for you.  We do offer many payment options such as a discount on treatment if paid in full, a payment plan that splits up payments over a typical 6 month duration of treament, and Care Credit that can give you the option of 12 monthly payments with no interest.

This patient had a few remaining teeth that were no longer repairable. We completed lower denture treatment with implant placement. The pictures show his initial condition, the dental implants in place, the denture attachments, and the final functional and aesthetic result achieved for the patient.

This picture set demonstrates a patient who has an upper denture retained with four implants.  The pictures show the implants in place, the denture, and the final smile with the denture held firmly in place.  An excellent benefit of this treatment is that the roof of the mouth does not need to be covered as with a traditional upper denture!

This patient had upper and lower implant dentures completed in our office.  The pictures show his remaining teeth prior to treatment, the implants in place, the internal denture surfaces with implant attachments, and the final appearance of the dentures in place.

This patient had a traditional upper denture and an implant retained lower denture made at our office.  The change in her smile is dramatic, and the implants help to maximize function.

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