Hands down to great service.. I decided to grind my teeth during Thanksgiving and broke one in half.. Bless Dr. Deeter!


Great dental I will refer people to come here, great staff


I’ve never felt comfortable going to the dentist until I found Dental Care Associates, definitely one of the BEST dentists!


My son broke a tooth at school yesterday and they were able to get him in within 2 hours.


Great dentist with care and compassion. They think of everything to make the visit more comfortable.


Emergency Dental Services in Minot, ND

There’s Never a Good Time For a Dental Emergencyemergency dentist minot nd

  • We offer same day, walk in appointments when available for dental emergencies

  • The price of emergency procedures vary greatly, but dental insurance can help make them more affordable

At Dental Care Associates we understand that people can have tooth pain or dental emergencies at unpredictable times. We make extra efforts to see people requiring urgent dental care as soon as possible, and are often able to arrange same day appointments.

A dental emergency can happen to anybody at any time, and it is important to be seen by the dentist as quickly as possible. Emergency dental care is a set of specialty services designed to control your pain, eliminate infection and save your tooth. There are many situations in which emergency dental care could be critical to your oral health.

One type of emergency is an infection in your mouth. If you wake up with a swollen cheek and gums, you may have an abscess. This is an infection around the root of a tooth. It causes intense pain and requires treatment with antibiotics.

A severe toothache is also an emergency. The tooth could have deep decay or infected pulp. In some cases, a loose or missing filling, crack or deep chip may cause the pain. Severe toothaches may be treated with antibiotics for an infection, a replacement filling, root canal therapy or a dental crown.

A lost crown or filling is also an emergency. When a filling falls out or becomes loose, bacteria and food can get into the tooth’s damaged structure and cause more decay. This is also the case for a lost crown.

Direct injuries to a tooth are also a dental emergency. A chipped, cracked or broken tooth requires prompt treatment in order to save it and minimize your discomfort. If a tooth starts to bleed, becomes loose in its socket or knocked out of its socket, contact the dentist immediately. Treatment within an hour or two could save your tooth.

Damaged or broken braces wires, retainers or dental bridges are also an emergency. The metal parts of these appliances could cut your lips, teeth or tongue. Damage to these parts could also cause your teeth to shift out of their proper positions in your

If you are having dental pain or swelling in the mouth it is important to be seen as soon as possible to prevent the problem from getting worse. Our office can be reached at 701-852-0632 to schedule an evaluation. We are currently accepting new patients.

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