I’ve never felt comfortable going to the dentist until I found Dental Care Associates, definitely one of the BEST dentists!


Great dental I will refer people to come here, great staff


Hands down to great service.. I decided to grind my teeth during Thanksgiving and broke one in half.. Bless Dr. Deeter!


My son broke a tooth at school yesterday and they were able to get him in within 2 hours.


Great dentist with care and compassion. They think of everything to make the visit more comfortable.


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is performed when a tooth has had irreversible damage to its internal nerve and blood supply. This damage can happen due to tooth decay or trauma, as well as other reasons. Root Canal Treatment involves the removal of the damaged and diseased nerve and blood tissue from within the tooth followed by permanently filling the resulting space. This procedure is performed to treat dental pain and to prevent infection from occurring. Root Canal Treatment allows our dentists to save teeth for our patients that they otherwise would have lost, and most Root Canal Treatments can be completed in our office.

If you are having dental pain it is incredibly important to see a dentist for evaluation before the pain worsens or infection develops. Please feel free to contact us at 701-852-0632 to schedule an examination appointment. We are currently accepting new patients.

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