In today’s society, everyone wants to have whiter teeth. Unfortunately, teeth whitening products
and services have long been insurmountably expensive and unaffordable by most. However, there
are some methods of polishing those not-so-pearly whites without breaking the bank.
The dirt-cheap way that many people have used in an attempt to make their teeth whiter is
through the use of a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture. While effective, many dentists
warn against the use of this method as it can do permanent damage to the enamel of your teeth,
leaving them vulnerable to cracking, chipping, and cavities. This method works because the baking
soda operates as an abrasive, effectively sanding down your teeth, removing the stained exterior
and exposing the naked tooth. The hydrogen peroxide aids in this process, as it slightly bleaches
your teeth and turns the baking soda in an easily applicable paste.

One of the cheapest products that safely whitens your teeth can be found at the world’s largest
retailer. Walmart sells store-brand whitening strips that have the same exact ingredients as the
brand-name Crest whitening strips. For less than $20, the product claims to remove years of
tough coffee, wine, and smoking stains. With an average rating of 4 stars based on 45 reviews,
it’s safe to assume that this product is a great value for the price.

A more recent innovation in teeth whitening is the at-home whitening tray kits that you have
probably seen advertised on social media apps like Instagram. These kits can run you anywhere
from $20-$75, depending on the brand. These kits use UV-activated whitening agents which you
apply to your teeth by first dispensing the solution into a tray, and then placing the tray into your
mouth. While these may seem like a good deal, they have mixed reviews which bring into question
their efficiency.

If you have a taste for the finer things in life, there’s always the option of professional whitening
services. Performed by most cosmetic dentists, this service costs an average of $600, making it a
much more expensive option. The major benefit of this whitening method is that you save time, as
whitening strips require repeated applications to produce results. Additionally, professional teeth
whitening uses a combination of much stronger whitening agents than those available over-the-
counter, meaning you will experience better whitening results.

While many options for teeth whitening exist, it is important to consult with your dentist before
making any decisions as each persons chompers are unique and may not respond well to some
treatments. Also, your decision should be based on your personal needs, as those with only light
stains can experience great results with minimal intervention while those with heavier stains may
require professional treatment to achieve their desired shade.