22 12, 2018

Cost of Teeth Whitening

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In today's society, everyone wants to have whiter teeth. Unfortunately, teeth whitening products and services have long been insurmountably expensive and unaffordable by most. However, there are some methods of polishing those not-so-pearly whites without breaking the bank. The dirt-cheap way that many people have used in an attempt to make their teeth whiter is [...]

22 12, 2018

DIY Teeth Whitening

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Radiant white teeth are a timeless sign of beauty. Unfortunately, most people aren't blessed with a natural Hollywood smile. This makes teeth whitening treatments very popular. Dentists offer professional whitening options, but people frequently choose to try do-it-yourself methods instead. DIY methods are appealing because they're inexpensive and seem simple. Unfortunately, many at- home whitening [...]