There is a range of prices that dental implants can cost. There is no one fixed price and each
dentist will charge a slightly different amount. It is not possible to pin down an exact cost, but
there a few things that you can keep in mind when finding the right price.

There are three main things to consider. The basic price range for one dental implant would be
$2000 to $5000. That is just for one implant. That is also the price for an implant that can be
placed without the need for more complex surgery. That would include bone grafting if there is not
enough bone to fix the artificial root into. Before you are given a price by your dentist, you have to
consider the dentist himself. Everything from the location of the dentist to the amount of
experience he has will affect the price. A dentist in an area with high rent and a large staff will
have to charge more. A smaller dentist office with fewer overheads will be able to charge slightly

Trying to find the cheapest price is not the way to go. A less experienced dentist might charge less,
but with such a complex surgery, you do not want to choose the cheapest option. The surgeries
and return visits can take quite a lot of time, so you have to take into account the amount a highly
trained specialist charges for that time.

The next aspect of the price is the cost of the materials used. A dental implant comes in three
sections. The fixture, the abutment and the crown. The fixture is drilled down into the bone, and it
acts as the root. It is usually made out of titanium. Sometimes a dentist will recommend a non-
metal fixture, but that is pretty rare. An abutment is attached to the fixture. That can be made out
of gold or titanium. These will add about $500 to the cost although again it can vary between

The final step is the crown. As with any crown, they can vary in costs. They can be made of
ceramic, gold or another metal. The crown itself will cost between $2000 and $3000. Most dentists
use the same suppliers or the same types of machines in-house to make the crown, so it is a case
of how much the dentist wants to mark up the price.

The bottom line is you get what you pay for. The fixture will normally be the same price as the
abutment and crown. They will normally $1000 to $2500 each for a total of $2000 to $5000. The
factors will be the amount the dentist charges for his time and the materials he uses.