Health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, all of these coverages are a must have, in case
of an accident, or a robbery, right?

So, what about dental insurance?

Most people will debate on this particular insurance, the reason? Let us debate.
There are pros and cons to having dental insurance, most of which are money related.
Most Americans pay around $350 dollars a year, about 13-50 dollars a month. In the active plan,
usually, coverage is limited to $1500-2000 dollars a YEAR. Which basically means that if you need
dental work and it goes over budget, you have to pay out-of-pocket what your insurance did not

Basically if you have generally a good/healthy set of whites, then dental insurance will likely not be
even considered an option. If you get your teeth cleaned twice a year it would round-up to about
160 dollars, for both visits.

Now before we go on about cancelling our dental insurance, lets talk about the pros of having
dental insurance.

For starters, let’s pretend we are bike riding, and suddenly you fall flat on your face, a front tooth
breaks off and blood is everywhere running down your mouth, great we lost a couple of teeth.
Now even though the insurance will, probably, not cover all the expense, you will be glad you have
the insurance, you won’t have to pay so many zeros.

Because let’s be honest, improvision is usually ok, but when the unforeseen events happen, just like
with any other insurance, such as an earthquake, you never know what can happen to your
belongings, much less to your teeth. Maybe you will need a molar refill suddenly, or maybe even
crack a tooth suddenly eating a jaw breaker. When unforeseen events occur, cause they really do
happen often more than not, its better to be prepared. Though maybe for the healthy mouths it
may be inconvenient, for others it's very convenient.

What can cost you thousands, maybe it could be reduced to only cost one thousand. A tooth
maybe seems useless now. But when it's gone, and trust me people will notice, and you can't
afford to repair it, you will wish you could have had dental insurance.

Now we can talk about the 100-80-50 plans that are out there covering those percentages.
Most people will agree that paying less is better, right?

Well with the 100-80-50 plan people who are like you and me, indecisive, have settled. Here is a
plan most can actually agree with, because like said improvise is not a good thing.

The PPO dental plans cap the amount they pay towards your care in a year. Which is a sort of
an agreement; that makes you pay a certain amount with each visit. For example, if you have the
84% plan, your charge would be $25 dollars, of common procedures, such as cavity fillings, etc.

So now that we went through some thoughts, let’s summarize, is dental insurance worth it.

It totally depends on your dental health, and much more on the dental plan you choose. Though
having insurance can help cover heavy costs, sadly, chances are you will still be paying some
money out-of-pocket. And the best thing that dental insurance can offer is a safe net, in case you
would need extensive procedures.