Dental Care Associates Whitens Teeth Safely and Effectively

Dental Care Associates announces the addition of safe, professional teeth whitening to their dental services.

Patients have already experienced effective Minot teeth whitening at the hands of Dr. John Chase and Dr. Nathan Deeter. With expert knowledge, Dr. Chase and Dr. Deeter can remove stains due to tobacco, coffee and soda, and age-related yellowing of the teeth.

Professional teeth whitening can lighten patients’ teeth several shades beyond what at-home kits can, and it is less likely to cause irritation or sensitive teeth.

Dental Care Associates guarantees fast, reliable teeth whitening results.

The whitening agent that the dentists will use is a gel that is brushed on the patient’s teeth. Some gels are activated with UV light, while others do not need a light.

There are several reasons to have Minot teeth whitening done at the office of Dental Care Associates rather using a DIY method:

  • Safe – Whitening products often contain abrasives that gently scrub a light layer of enamel off the teeth. Done too often or incorrectly, teeth whitening can permanently damage tooth enamel.
  • Affordable – While still pricy compared to at-home kits, professional teeth whitening is one of the least expensive ways to transform a patient’s smile.
  • Easy – Teeth whitening can be done at Dental Care Associates in a single visit. It requires little equipment and no effort from the patient.
  • Long-lasting results – Professional whitening lasts longer than DIY kits. Patients can expect up to 3 years of noticeably whiter teeth when it’s done by a dentist.
  • Monitored carefully – To lighten teeth several shades, it may be necessary to apply gel more than once during the service. Dr. Chase and Dr. Deeter observe the whitening process carefully to make sure the patient doesn’t develop sensitivity or enamel damage.

Although teeth whitening can improve patients’ confidence, it is not considered a medical need. Therefore, insurance does not cover it.

Teeth whitening services cost upwards of $500 in most cases. The office often works with patients to create custom payment plans for cosmetic and reconstructive dental services.

Learn more about Dental Care Associates’ teeth whitening services here.

Dental Care Associates is a family dentist specializing in a wide range of dental services. They are results driven, as seen on their website under Smile Gallery.

Dental Care Associates is a recent recipient of the Minot Chamber of Commerce Award for customer service, proving further that customer care is their top priority.