Dental Care Associates Works To Provide Necessary Affordable Oral Care To Families


Dental Care Associates is a family dentistry in Minot, ND that offers cradle-to-eldercare oral health care that ranges from simple exams and X-rays to treating gum disease. This five-star reviewed dental office provides education for teeth care to children as well as helps adults keep their teeth and gums functional for a lifetime. 

All dental services are offered at affordable prices so your entire family can receive proper oral health care. 

People Need Dental Care

According to North Dakota health data, half of the state’s kindergartners have tooth decay with those living in rural areas dealing with more tooth decay than their urban peers. Adults in the state aren’t faring any better. An estimated 51 percent of Indigenous people haven’t gone to the dentist in at least five years and a third of non-Indigenous adults state they haven’t gone to a dentist in the past five years. 

Senior citizens who are 65 years old and older also aren’t visiting the dentist. Numbers show that 35 percent haven’t been to the dentist in five years. 

Dental Care Associates wants to change that by welcoming families as patients and providing both affordable health care and assisting them in qualifying for programs to pay for dental visits.

Services Offered

One of the key services this family dentistry in Minot, ND offers are twice-yearly evaluations and professional cleanings that are important for both children and adults for different reasons. 

Children’s mouths need to be checked for early detection of cavities and to ensure permanent teeth are growing straight. Adults need regular exams to screen for serious issues like oral cancer, gum disease, and biting issues. After all, teeth can shift. That’s especially true if you have missing teeth. 

Regular Visits Save Teeth

Cleaning your teeth is important for both young and old because home oral hygiene can’t remove all the plaque and tartar that can accumulate over time. 

Yearly X-rays are important because it allows the dentist to look at tooth roots and other difficult areas to see. Dentists will also measure gum tissue pockets around tooth roots every three to five years to make sure your gums aren’t receding. 

This family dentistry in Minot, ND has treatments that can reduce and even reverse gum disease that include root scaling and planing. Dentists can repair and restore teeth damaged by tooth decay and remove infections with procedures like a root canal. 

Dental Care Associates is a family dentistry in Minot, ND that also offers cosmetic procedures including teeth whitening and dental veneers. It also has emergency appointments in case you get a painful infection or have mouth damage due to an accident or injury.

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