Dental Care Associates Provides Emergency Dental Appointments to the Minot Area

Dental Care Associates, a Minot-based dental clinic, accepts walk-in appointments to accommodate unexpected dental emergencies. Visiting an emergency dentist as soon as possible can greatly reduce the amount of pain the patient is feeling. Depending on the severity of the emergency, the dentist can often save the affected teeth. By offering same-day dental treatment, Dental Care Associates has helped countless patients repair their teeth and avoid further complications.

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Emergency Dental Care Saves Teeth

Dental trauma is not only extremely painful, but it can have potentially far-reaching consequences. Here are different kinds of injuries that may require urgent dental care:

  • The tooth is bleeding, loose, or entirely free of its socket. If the wounded area gets infected, the patient experiences severe pain and eventually loses the tooth permanently. If an emergency dentist sees the patient shortly after the injury, they could save the tooth.
  • The patient has an infection in their mouth. The infection attacks the root of the tooth, causing a tremendous amount of pain. An emergency dentist provides antibiotics to slow or stop the spread of infection.
  • The patient loses a filling. The exposed tooth underneath the filling can collect bacteria and cause the tooth to rot. An emergency dentist cleans and caps the affected tooth before an infection occurs.
  • The patient has a toothache. Toothaches occur for many reasons, including cavities, infections, or cracks that expose the tooth’s nerve. An emergency dentist examines the potential causes of the toothache to remedy the pain or prescribe antibiotics.
  • The patient’s braces or retainer breaks. Broken dental appliances can no longer straighten crooked teeth, and the metal may cut the inside of the patient’s mouth. An emergency dentist can repair the metalwork before the teeth shift out of alignment.

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Solutions for Urgent Dental Care

Dental Care Associates utilizes state-of-the-art emergency dental services to give emergency patients every opportunity to restore their teeth. With emergency dentists on staff and a suite of services designed to mitigate pain and infection, this dental practice provides comprehensive assistance for patients with dental emergencies.

Trust that will be there to help mitigate your dental emergency. For more information on Dental Care Associates’ urgent dental care services, call (701) 543-6698. Visit this Minot office to request a same-day appointment with an emergency dentist.