Minot Dentist Now Offering Conscious Sedation

Dental Care Associates / Minot, ND – In a bid to make anxious patients more comfortable visiting the dentist, a leading Minot dentist has announced that it now offers conscious sedation.

Lead dentist Dental Care Associates dentist, Dr. Deeter, has completed his DOCS sedation certification course. This allows Dr. Deeter to deliver conscious sedation at their Minot dentist’s office.

Conscious sedation allows patients who suffer from dental anxiety to feel much more comfortable while undergoing treatment at the Minot dentist:

  • Conscious sedation allows anxious and phobic patients to attend the dentist and feel comfortable doing so. Patients always remain conscious, although in a drowsy state. As a result, they’ll be unable to remember the treatment but can deliver feedback to the dentist if required.
  • Conscious sedation is delivered via a small pill about 30 minutes before the procedure begins. This fast-acting pill will allow even the most anxious patients to quickly relax. In rare cases, they may even fall asleep.
  • The conscious sedation pill effects last for a considerable period, which allows Dr. Deeter and his team to complete most procedures with ease. Many patients with dental anxiety undergo multiple treatments while under sedation.
  • Dr. Deeter offers multiple conscious sedation options. The correct option will be chosen for both the patient and the type of treatment they are undergoing.

Patients who believe they may require sedation dentistry should contact the Minot dentist at 701-658-5612 to discuss the option. Sedation dentistry may not be for everybody, and Dr. Nathan Deeter and his team can provide advice on whether it is the right option for the patient. If it is not, then alternative options may be provided.

Dental Care Associates is currently accepting new patients at their dental office. New patients will be pleased to know that the Minot dentist can accept a variety of payment options, including CareCredit. This can help to make sedation dentistry much more affordable for the patient.

About Dental Care Associates

Dental Care Associates is a Minot dentist run by Dr. Nathan Deeter and Dr. John Chase. Both dentists have a wealth of experience in the dental industry, allowing them to deliver a range of treatments to patients in Minot and the surrounding area. They are one of only a few dentists in the area to offer sedation dentistry to their patients.

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