It is very hard to choose the right dentist, for most patients, the only thing they can judge their dentist on is does it hurt does it last, how long was the appointment, and how much does the work cost.  Some dental procedures seem to be routine like crowns and fillings can be done very differently from dentist to dentist.  An example of differences that the patient can be aware of is when we treat patients at Dental Care Associates we use a tooth raincoat or rubber dam the majority of the time.  Even though it is uncomfortable initially, it helps to keep the soft tissue of the mouth away from our instruments, it keeps saliva away, and helps us concentrate harder on the small area we are working, it also keeps the bad tasting materials and water from drowning the patient.  There is no question in my mind that using a rubber dam makes my dentistry take less time to complete, it also last longer.

Asking questions about your treatment is important and your dental professionals should want to explain and educate you if you want to be informed of the treatment.

Dr. Nathan Deeter