Visiting North Dakota and looking for something to do the Dakota Territory Air Museum near Award Winning Dentist – Dental Care Associates, offers an
exciting adventure. The museum was founded in June 1986 and features a history of air flight.
Located in Minot, North Dakota there is lots to see at the museum showcasing aircraft and much
more. Visitors and locals will find the museum interesting and full of facts.

Military Aircraft
The museum features several exhibits on military aircraft that have been used throughout the
years. The displays include both full airplanes and partial planes such as the Douglas C-47 Cockpit.
The gallery also showcases the Lockheed T-33 Jet Trainer that pilots use to train. Lockheed T-33
Jet Trainer is the first jet trainer used for the United States Air Force. An additional display that can
be viewed is that full-size plane of the AT-6 Texan a trainer aircraft used to teach aviators in World
War II.

Civilian Aircraft
The gallery includes exhibits on noncombatant flying machines used over time. One of these is the
1928 Waco 10 otherwise known as “Taperwing” due to the use of tapered wings instead of the
typical wings used at the time. Dakota Territory Air Museum features a rare 1934 Stinson Reliant
SR5-A that visitors can view. An exhibit that guests can view is the 1949 Cessna 195 a light
transport aircraft with the ability to carry businessmen. Many other civilian aircraft are available for

Texas Flying Legends Museum Aircraft
This exhibit is on loan running every year from the middle of May to the middle of July. Showcased
in the exhibit is the P-51D Mustang known as “Dakota Kid II” which was a fighter aircraft during
World War II. The Stinson L-5 Sentinel is another World War II aircraft used to transport individual
military personnel and messages within the Texas Flying Legends display. It also features the
A6M2-Model 21 Zero known as the “Last Samurai” a World War II airplane embodying the
Japanese Air Force. A fighter plane known as the FM-2 Wildcat can also be seen in the exhibit
representing the Navy and Marines during the second world war.

Other Displays
Dakota Territory Air Museum features more than just aircraft. Visitors will discover the working
Minot Airport Beacon used between 1949 and 1993. Those guests interested in learning more
about can uncover literature on different topics on-air history available for review. One display
showcases photographs of the history of aeronautics. Another demonstration showcases the
different gears that help enable flying. Equipment presentations are also accessible for tourists to
observe. The museum also puts on a display of the fire trucks of the Minot Fire Department from
the 1920s and 1930s.

The Dakota Territory Air Museums, near the Scandanavian Heritage Park, offers lots to do and see whether you are a local or just visiting.
Those interested in the history of air travel can discover a piece of the past. A trip to the museum
will allow everyone to experience an adventure of fun and excitement.