If you’re ever driving through the great state of North Dakota, home of Dental Care Associates, located in the Upper Midwest of the
U.S.- be sure to pay a visit to the quaint city of Minot. There you’ll find friendly people, less
congested roads, and good air quality. It’s a little prairie town just about a hours drive away from
Canada and 110 miles north of Bismarck, the state capital. Although, Minot is a diminutive city insight; there is a special landmark establishment in town that is worth your visit- Scandinavian
Heritage Park.

Located right off of Highway 83, at 1020 South Broadway in Minot’s Town & Country Shopping
Center, it’s an old-fashioned Nordic village and museum that celebrates the five Scandinavian
countries of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland and it’s peoples cultural customs.
Tourists can enjoy walking around the outdoor Arts & Crafts village, with its green pastoral
grounds and peaceful exhibits. Founded in 1988, the park was established to celebrate and
appreciate the Scandinavian culture. It’s interestingly thought-provoking structures are authentic
looking of real Nordic buildings too. One can tour one of the parks most beautiful sights- The Gol
Stave Church. It’s an absolute delight for any patron of the arts, with its multi-layered wood-shingled rooftops and intricate detailed carved windows, portals, and doors. The magnificent
church museum is a masterpiece- created to replicate the original 13th-century church in Oslo,
Norway. Inside Scandinavian park’s ornate church are beautiful beams and other thoughtful
architectural elements which all signify and represent faith and spirituality. And this beautiful place
can be rented for weddings too.

The entire Nordic park’s atmosphere is vitally family-friendly and is also a great place to bring your
doggie too. With lots of ample walking space and terrific food trucks around the village, you and
your family will never leave unhappy or hungry. One of the most unique features in the park is a
30 feet tall, omnipresent bright red Swedish Dala horse, which is Sweden’s most famous symbols.
There is also an array of various bronze statues of recognized Scandinavians, such as Hans
Christian Anderson, Leif Erickson, and Norwegian-born 1930’s Olympic skier Casper Oimoen. All of
five of the Nordic nation's flags are proudly showcased and visitors can also enjoy touring a real
grass-roofed Stabbur on site. And there is an actual 230-year-old Norwegian log home, called the
Sigdal House which was directly relocated from its native country. It’s a pretty-as-a-picture cozy-looking structure which boasts of decorations on the inside doorways by famed Norwegian painter
Guldbrand Larson Foss.

The historical Scandinavian Heritage Park also boasts of a beautiful cascading waterfall, pond, and
picnic grounds for family enjoyment and social gatherings. And don’t forget to pay a visit to the
parks unique Nordic-inspired gift shop, located at the Edward T. and Leona B. Larson Visitor
Center on sight, where you can pick up with a Scandinavian souvenir on your way out of the lovely
park. After visiting the beautiful park, head on over to the Roosevelt Park Zoo right nearby.