Dentures are prosthetic devices which are usually constructed to replace missing teeth. They can
also be called false teeth. The manufacturers of these dentures always ensure that they are
supported by soft and hard tissues surrounding the oral cavity. There are different types and
designs of dentures some of which are removable while others are non-removable. There are two
main classes of false teeth distinguished by the factor either they replace missing teeth on the
maxillary arch or the mandibular arch.

Types of Dentures

There are different types of dentures divided into categories from how many teeth they replace and
their durability. Since there are several dentures in the market, it is you’re responsible for having
an insightful discussion with a recognized dentist before opting for a particular type of denture. The
dentist will guide you to make a concrete decision which suits your budget as well as your
functional benefits.

There are different types of dentures which are clearly described below.

1. Full Dentures
These types of dentures are used when you lose all your natural teeth. They consist of the lower
and the upper sets. Complete dentures can last longer for even five to ten years if you take proper
care and maintenance of them.

2. Partial Dentures
These types of dentures are mainly recommended where there is a need to replace one or more of
the natural teeth. Partial dentures always grip the natural teeth by the use of metal clasps. These
dentures are used to help your remaining teeth do not shift

3. Fixed Dentures
There are some teeth replacements which can only be attached the surgical way. These dentures
are used in four main types, and they are costly to fix, unlike the removable ones whose cost is
relatively low. The four main categories are:

I. Implants
These are dental implants which assume the roots of the teeth. They are always placed into the
bone surgically and fuse with the bone over a while for a natural fit. After surgery, a prosthetic is
loaded on the implant. A procedure which should be done within six months after surgery.

II. Implant-supported fixed dentures
These are implants which are being inserted into the bone of the jaws. After been inserted it is
then fixed in place by screws to make them tight.

III. Implant-supported removable Dentures
Implants placed in the jaws are used in the attachment of a denture which is removable. These
implants will help in providing stability and still allow removal of any denture if necessary.
It should be kept in mind that proper care and maintenance of any denture is necessary and very
crucial. Regular checkup from your dentist is also highly recommended.