The Roosevelt Park Zoo is the perfect place to spend a day with your family when you’re visiting
Minot, North Dakota, home of Dental Care Associates. With countless events, Wild Happenings, concessions, a train, giraffe
feedings, and a huge variety of animals to see, guests of all ages will find something to enjoy at
the zoo.

The Roosevelt Park Zoo has a regular calendar with many varying events depending on the time
and day you visit the park. Some examples of past events are Adult Ed-Venture Class (an adult
educational series ), wine tasting and painting gatherings called Canvas, Corks, and Conservation,
garage sales to raise money for conservation, and Pizza with the Zookeepers, an opportunity to
have a slice and a chat with some of the zoo’s animal handlers. Be sure to check the Roosevelt
Park Zoo website or call the park when planning your visit for a calendar of event offerings!
Wild Happenings is what the Roosevelt Park Zoo calls its zookeeper talks, training sessions, and
animal encounters. The schedule of these Wild Happenings changes depending on the animals, the
weather, the season, and the keeper availability. You can check the zoo’s website for a calendar or
contact the park to find out which Wild Happenings will be taking place during your visit.
Concessions are available at the zoo during regular hours if all the excitement leaves you feeling
hungry. After refueling, you can hop on a ride on the zoo train, which runs throughout the day.
Don’t forget to stop by the giraffe feeding station for a once-in-a-lifetime experience feeding the
towering reticulated giraffe, an animal which hails all the way from the continent of Africa!

Finally, the stars of any zoo are of course the animals. Roosevelt Park Zoo certainly has many to
be wowed by! The zoo is home to mammals and birds from all over the world. If you’re interested
in African mammals, make sure to visit the roaring African lion, the snorty African warthog, the
sleek bongo, the tiny Kirk’s dik dik, and the boldly-striped plains zebra. If big cats are your thing,
check out the stunning Amur leopard, Amur tiger, and snow leopard. Primates? The zoo is also
home to black and white ruffled and ring-tailed lemurs, cotton-top tamarins, and siamang and
white-handed gibbons. You can even get the chance to see some animals from around North
America, like the brown bear, the American bison, the bobcat, the great horned owl, the North
American river otter, the bald eagle, and the gray wolf. Don’t forget to pop over to the penguins, to
hop around to the kangaroos, to laugh along with the kookaburra, or to flutter over to the finches.
Travel the world in just a few short hours and have a wild time at the Roosevelt Park Zoo. After the Zoo, check out the Dakota Square Mall for some amazing shopping.