If you ever have noticed someone with one missing tooth or several, then that person is a
candidate for partial dentures. As the name implies, it is a type of denture designed to replace a
few absent teeth. It is not designed for people who have lost all their teeth. Partial dentures are
secured by using gum-colored plastic/acrylic material as well as a metal frame to hold it in place.
Obviously, the number of prosthetic teeth attached to it will depend on how many the patient
needs, without removing any of the remaining natural teeth. These types of dentures can be used
on the lower or upper jaw, as long as there are a few teeth left.

Partial dentures are very popular with people who have their front teeth missing. Once attached, it
will greatly enhance the cosmetic value to a person’s smile. The cosmetic value of dentures is
obvious and those who receive them will naturally see increased confidence levels. However, these
types of dentures also have a practical value, which are directly related to your health.

Health Benefits of Partial Dentures

The fact is, when a person loses a few teeth, or just one tooth, one of the first things that will
change in their lives is their dietary habits. Usually, these changes are for the worse. This means
the patient is a good candidate for issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and
depression. Once you receive partial dentures you will be bale control these problems almost

How is it Done?

Compared to other procedures done in dentistry, getting partial dentures is not as invasive. Even
compared to full dentures, it takes less time to accomplish. Once the dentist takes a close look at
the patients’ teeth, the doctor will decide exactly how to go about finding the perfect fit for the
patient. The entire process takes a couple of weeks, at the most. This includes taking
measurements of the person’s mouth, to construct the dentures and fitting them. Once fitted, you
will be able to chew and speak without any difficulty and regain a normal life.

The Practical Option

When a tooth goes missing, there are several ways to deal with it. However, the simplest and most
cost-effective ways are to fit partial dentures. Once installed, they will require a bit of maintenance,
but you will quickly get used to it. Not only that, as time goes by and the dentures need
modifications, it can be done easily. When it comes to eating, you will be able to chew everything,
except the hardest foods. From a maintenance standpoint, partial dentures are similar to full
dentures. The only time you will need to remove them is at night time before going to sleep, which
is also when you need to clean them.