A healthy looking smile is something we always look forward to. While it may be hard to achieve
for some, having that beautiful healthy smile is not impossible. A treatment called Full Mouth
Restoration is bringing back the confidence people have lost due to complications with their oral
health. A full mouth restoration treatment refers to the restoration or reconstruction of the patients
mouth or teeth. It involves a series of restorative procedures to rebuild your mouth and teeth back
to its proper health. It can involve dental implants, dental bridges, veneers and crowns, individually
or in conjunction of all procedures. Unlike a smile makeover, where you can elect to have it done.
A Full Mouth Restoration is something you need because of complications with your oral health.
Your oral health is just as important as your regular health and not keeping up with it can lead to
more serious complications down the road.

If you are having problems with teeth decay, ongoing jaw pain, fractured or cracked teeth, gum
disease, or even severely worn out teeth due to long term acid erosion from foods and beverages,
then speaking to your dentist about a full mouth restoration treatment could help bring back the
proper health to your mouth and teeth. The treatment is not done in one day. Each patients
reconstruction is completely different and done with care. The procedure is done in the least
invasive manner to preserve the most out of your natural tooth. Depending on your teeth or mouth
complications, the approximate cost per tooth can be from $800 to $1500. While some dental
insurance could help cover the cost, it is a small price to pay for a complete restoration of your oral
health. Having a full mouth restoration treatment suggested by your dentist should be considered
as a sign that your oral health has been compromised. Knowing you have mouth or teeth
complications, ruins our ability to smile bright and ruins our social interactions.

We don’t continue our daily lives with the same confidence as when we know our smiles are
radiant. Some treatments can be more complex then others but it is not hard being a little patient
when you know you’ll be having your oral health back to its proper state. Just like our regular
health, we need to be aware and keep up with how our oral health is doing. A full mouth
restoration treatment helps bring back our oral health and brings back the balance to our lives. A
healthy smile opens the doors to new and greater experiences because the sense of
embarrassment has disappeared. Keeping up with your dentist about your oral health is the best
way to keep a healthy looking smile.