Most patients who suffer the effects of gum disease can benefit from using a prescription formula toothpaste. One of the symptoms associated with periodontitis is an increased level of tooth sensitivity due to receding gum tissue or the deterioration of the protective coating of tooth enamel. A toothpaste that is prescribed by your dentist will contain a significantly higher dose of fluoride than an over the counter product can provide.

Fluoride is a known factor in the relief of tooth sensitivity. Dental hygienists who deal with the effects of gum disease on a regular basis have found that those patients who have been brushing with a high fluoride content toothpaste or who have had in office fluoride treatments are better able to tolerate ultrasonic cleanings and periodontal therapy.

The directions for use of a concentrated fluoride toothpaste will vary somewhat from the way you are used to brushing. Dentists and hygienists advise using a prescription toothpaste along with your regular sensitivity formula. The prescription strength product is best used before bedtime and instead of rinsing it off let some of the paste remain on your teeth overnight. Brush as normal for a full two minutes using your soft bristle brush.

The added ingredients that a prescription toothpaste contains have been seen to benefit patients who are at higher risk for tooth decay or who are dealing with exaggerated sensitivity. Talk to Drs. Chase or Deeter of Dental Care Associates about the advantages of using a professional strength toothpaste. Call 701-203-9862 in Minot.