27 12, 2017

Your Dentist Will Understand

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It’s very difficult to explain anxiety to someone who has never experienced it but your dentist deals with the symptoms of dental anxiety on a regular basis, it is a common issue for a lot of patients. The source of the anxiousness may be the fear of experiencing the sound of the dental drill or [...]

6 12, 2017

Quality Is Key

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Earning the Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association is a big feather in the cap of a manufacturer of dental products in the US. The Association hands out this distinction to toothpaste, mouthwashes, and tools for oral health care such as interdental cleaners, toothbrushes, and whitening products, just to name a few. It [...]

29 11, 2017

Regular Checkups Are Part Of The Plan

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You brush twice a day and you floss after meals, good job but you still need professional teeth cleaning every 6 months just in case you may have missed a spot. When plaque turns to tartar only your hygienist can remove it. If you don’t have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis the tartar [...]

22 11, 2017

Benefit From Professional Advice

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Sometimes we need advice even when it comes to what may be considered the simplest of tasks. If you know the look that you would like to create in your home for instance, but you’re decorating skills are lacking you would go to a professional for advice. Or, if you see a haircut that you [...]

15 11, 2017

Find The Cause To Determine The Treatment

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Chronic bad breath can actually affect your self-confidence and the ability to perform in the workplace or carry on an active social life. It’s hard to be yourself when you’re constantly worried about offending others. It could be a matter of diet or it could be something more but if you suffer from frequent bouts [...]