The fact that we are going through the aging process doesn’t necessarily mean that that we will have more dental health issues. The longer we live however, the more apt we are to face a medical condition that will require a medication that could cause side effects, some of which could influence our oral health.

The medical and dental professions have come to realize the correlation between mouth and body health. Studies have shown that there is a particularly close connection to diabetes and gum disease, so much so that the two have become known as a “diabolic duo.” High blood sugar which is associated with having diabetes is an invitation to infectious gum disease.

Diabetes isn’t the only medical condition that can be related to gum disease. Osteoporosis can affect the jawbone structure that supports the teeth. A gradual depletion of bone density can lead to tooth loss. Oral bacteria can move from the mouth to the lungs causing serious respiratory problems. Heart disease and stroke have also been linked to gum disease.

The best way to protect yourself as you age is to schedule regular medical and dental check ups. A doctor may be able to modify a prescription if necessary and your dentist should be made aware of all medications that you are taking at the time of a procedure.

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