Tooth enamel is the protective coating that makes up the outer layer of your teeth. There is no stronger
substance in the human body than tooth enamel but it is not indestructible, it can be chipped away, broken or
worn down over time. Because it is so durable tooth enamel can take a lot of abuse but once it is lost
there’s no getting it back, it is not able to self-restore.

The erosion of our tooth enamel is caused in part by the acidic foods and drinks that we consume. Some of the
worst enemies are carbonated soft drinks, citrus fruit drinks, potato chips and chewy candy. The sugar found
in the sweet treats that we like to enjoy mixes with the ever-present bacteria in our mouths to produce the
acid that is so harmful to tooth enamel. Chewy foods like raisins or crunchy snacks such as cheese puffs
are apt to get caught between our teeth where tooth decay can begin to develop. Be sure to rinse thoroughly after eating these foods.

We should all be aware of the signs that may indicate that our tooth enamel is
beginning to suffer the effects of erosion. Increased sensitivity is one of the most obvious. If it becomes uncomfortable to drink your morning cup of hot coffee or tea, for instance, your tooth enamel may be talking to you.

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