It is not at all unusual to feel some anxiety at the thought of your upcoming dental appointment, many people do.  For some it’s the sound of the drill and others dread the feeling of losing control while in the dental chair.  Whatever the particular fear may be it is important to make your dentist aware of your feelings so that you can work together to make the experience more comfortable.

Some people like to know what to expect at every turn, they want the dentist to describe exactly what is happening throughout the entire procedure.  A lot of patients however, would rather be distracted.  If so  the dentist or his assistant will talk about anything but what is going on around them.  If conversation is not enough there are several choices for dental sedation that your dentist can suggest.

You’ll want to be as comfortable as possible.  Most dentists will provide a pillow or blanket and will encourage patients to bring their own earbuds or headphones and listen to relaxing music during the actual procedure.  Those protective glasses that your dentist provides are one size fits all so you may want to wear your own sunglasses instead.  Little things like these may seem trivial but can make a big difference.

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