As children grow up, they should be able to go to a dentist and get procedures that will make the
teeth clean and nice0looking. These are procedures that will maintain the teeth of your children
One procedure that should maintain your children’s teeth is fillings. These fillings are known as
composite fillings or white fillings. They are used to get rid of decay. After your dentist gets rid of
the decay in the root, the composite fillings will be added to the tooth in stages. Your dentist will
then work to make the filling the same color as the tooth.

Other dental procedures that you might be interested in are dental bonding. Your dentist will use a
resin for replacing the missing structure of the tooth or getting rid of discoloration, chips, or
irregular spacing. Your dentist will prepare and clean the tooth. He or she will then add resin to the
tooth and your dentist will then use a blue light tool so the resin will stick to the surface of the

Your dentist could decide to use veneers on the teeth of your children. A dentist will use veneers fir
teeth that need huge fillings or underdeveloped teeth that are called peg laterals. Each veneer is
specifically made for your children's tooth or teeth and then he or she covers the front of the teeth
with resin. The veneer is then glued to the tooth. They are meant to deal with teeth that have have
been chipped, misaligned, discolored, worn down, uneven, or abnormally spaced.

Another dental procedure that could help your children’s teeth crowns. A crown is a cap in the
shape of a crown that is put on the top of a tooth to hide chipped, damaged, or cracked teeth.
After the dentist glues the cap to the top of the tooth, the cap should touch the gum line. A crown
will make the tooth stronger and should be able to last for many years.

If you feel that your child’s teeth, you can have the dentist do what is called teeth whitening. Your
child’s teeth can become discolored due to tartar, plaque, and other debris on the teeth. If you and
your children are worried about the color of their teeth, they should discuss the possibility of teeth
whitening with your teeth.

Another dental option for your child is dental sealants. A sealant is a transparent plastic resin
coating. The purpose is meant to make the chewing surface of a back tooth. Your children's back
teeth are the teeth that are most likely to get cavities. A sealant will prevent cavities so your child
will not have to have expensive dental treatment.

These procedures will help your children’s teeth and should be tried.