Depending on what you desire, the cost of cosmetic dentistry will vary for you. You may want
either a professional to perform such procedures such as teeth whitening, or you may opt for over
the counter teeth whiteners. Even down to something as simple as this, you will find that dentistry
costs do, in fact, vary widely.

One would also have the option of obtaining dental insurance. The
downside is that dental insurance generally does not cover cosmetic dentistry procedures. It’s
important to do your research and to at least find dental insurance coverage that may cover part of
the cost for things like should you be in need of crowns. You typically will find functional and
restorative dentistry to be covered by your insurance. A lot of dentist offices offer third-party
financing for your convenience. Some third-party financing companies do include Care Credit or
Capital One. This is a process in which you will have to qualify for in order to receive the financing
benefit. These third-party financing companies work with many different situations, and offer the
best payment plans to fit your budget. Let’s take a look further at some of the specifics to cosmetic
dentistry costs. The cost of veneers, for example, can be up to $2,500 per tooth. Keep in mind that
these veneers are only temporary and will last about 15 years as it pertains to good quality
porcelain veneers.

Dental implants, however, can range from $3,000 to $4,500 per tooth. This
again is dependent upon each and every individual case. If you are one that will be expecting a full
mouth replacement, then you might want to be prepared for costs that could go up to $60,000.
The dental bridge is another type of cosmetic dentistry. It can cost $1,500 per tooth depending on
the case but can go up to $4,500. Exercising the correct dental hygiene and also keeping up with
your regularly scheduled dentist appointments can prolong the wear of your cosmetics dentistry
procedures. The ever-popular Invisalign has a price range of $3,000 to $5,000 and is a treatment
that is actually comparable to traditional braces.

Depending on your individual needs, or your bite,
your dentist will have to be the one to determine the exact cost of your Invisalign procedure. It is
important to note that not all dentist orthodontics are specialists with the Invisalign product. Your
certified Invisalign professional really doesn’t even have to be an orthodontist. Finally, their is the
cost of teeth whitening. There is a difference between bleaching your teeth and whitening your
teeth. Bleaching your teeth is a fast and powerful action, and whitening basically restores the tooth
surface color by removing any buildup of dirt and debris. Think about it- your toothpaste can be
considered a whitener as well. Here are your options for Whitening costs: in-office whitening is
about $650 per visit, professional take home kits can be either $100 or $400, and over-the-counter
products can be an economical amount of $20 $200.