It’s very difficult to explain anxiety to someone who has never experienced it but your dentist deals with the symptoms of dental anxiety on a regular basis, it is a common issue for a lot of patients. The source of the anxiousness may be the fear of experiencing the sound of the dental drill or the sight of that big needle but whether it’s a matter of not feeling in control of the situation or the memory of a past experience gone bad, sharing your fears with your dentist is the first step in conquering them.

The worst thing that can come from having dental anxiety is that the person suffering from it will ignore the symptoms that signal a developing cavity for instance or the signs of impending gum disease. Anxiety doesn’t usually just go away and neither does a dental issue. If the anxiety prevents us from seeking professional dental treatment we could be at risk for serious repercussions including full-blown periodontitis or tooth loss.

Dental professionals are not there to judge, they are dedicated to relieving the patient’s discomfort and restoring his or her dental health. Not only will they understand your feelings of anxiety but they can offer ways to relieve them so that you can have the regular dental care that will allow you to enjoy the many benefits of a lifetime of good oral health.

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