Dentures are the most traditional form of tooth replacement, they have restored many a smile and given back the ability to speak clearly and chew food properly to many patients who have suffered tooth loss. Even though dentures have been seen as a godsend for so many, they are not without imperfections. Some patients complain of frequent slippage, especially in lower dentures. With the innovation of the dental Implant this problem can in some cases be eliminated.

Before now dentures were secured to the gums by an adhesive liner or a glue like compound applied between the denture and the gum tissue. These often proved to be inadequate and messy to use and store between applications. Enter the implant supported denture.

The implants are embedded in the front part of the jaw where there tends to be more retained bone mass. Two or more surgeries may be required to complete the process. You can continue to wear your original denture in the meantime or if need be your dentist can take impressions for a new temporary denture.

Take good care of your new restoration. Remove your denture before going to bed at night and clean the abutments thoroughly with a soft bristle brush that has been rinsed with hot tap water.

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