Finding the right dentist for your family is a big responsibility, there are many factors to consider. On a practical level, is the office conveniently located to your home, work and school or will you have to do a lot of driving through heavy traffic areas to get there? Experience is an important influence, is the practice well established in the community? What kinds of services do they offer and do they satisfy the particular needs of your family members?

The answers to these questions and more will help you decide if the practice will be a good fit. Friends or co-workers are good sources of information. They can tell you about their own experiences with the dentist, his professional team and the office staff. Things like whether or not appointments are scheduled to allow appropriate time for each patient and if timely reminders are sent are essential amenities. A comfortable environment and an overall concern for the patient’s peace of mind will also factor into your final determination.

What about technology? You want your loved ones to have the best care possible. Can the dentist provide state of the art equipment and the latest in sedation techniques? Does he offer both general and cosmetic procedures and what about orthodontics?

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