Chronic bad breath can actually affect your self-confidence and the ability to perform in the workplace or carry on an active social life. It’s hard to be yourself when you’re constantly worried about offending others. It could be a matter of diet or it could be something more but if you suffer from frequent bouts of bad breath it’s worth investigating, if only for your peace of mind.

Food is the most obvious source of bad breath, but the process may be more complex than you think. Yes, odors are produced when food particles dissolve and mix with oral bacteria but as these foods are digested the odor enters the bloodstream and affects your lungs and the air that you breathe out.

The lack of home and professional dental care is another cause. Brushing, flossing and hygienical cleanings work together to control the buildup of bacterial plaque in your mouth. Your tongue acts as a magnet for odor-causing bacteria, use a tongue scraper to remove the accumulation.

The “morning breath” that you may experience in the a.m. stems from the fact that your flow of saliva decreases while you sleep. Dry mouth is another cause of bad breath.

Bad breath can be a side effect of a medication or it could be a symptom of infection. See your dentist for a professional evaluation. Call Dental Care Associates today @ 701-347-1605 in Minot, ND.