It isn’t unusual to find that your teeth have become overly sensitive in reaction to hot or cold liquids or even when you take a breath of fresh cool air. Tooth sensitivity can come on suddenly as the result of brushing too hard or using a hard bristle toothbrush, consuming too many acidic foods or it could be a sign that your tooth enamel has been weakened to some extent.

If you’ve been trying to whiten your teeth with an over the counter toothpaste or whitening strips that contain hydrogen peroxide it could be what’s causing the tingling sensation that comes with tooth sensitivity. Dentists recommend that patients who are experiencing sensitivity switch over to a toothpaste that has been formulated to relieve the symptoms.

Check your toothbrush, if the bristles have frayed it is time to replace. It’s usually a good idea to get a new soft bristle brush every three or so months.

Cut down on the acid for a while, that spaghetti sauce could be irritating your teeth. Carbonated sodas and some fruit juices are often contributing factors.

If nothing seems to work it may be time to schedule a dental appointment. The sensitivity that your feeling could be due to a cavity that is building up or some other underlying cause.

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