Hopefully you have done your homework, asked for personal recommendations and found the perfect dental home for your family, one that is convenient to your location and provides services appropriate to every age group. Now it’s time to get ready for that first appointment.

When you call let the receptionist know what your needs are so that she will know how much time to set aside for your visit with the dentist. Request the time of day that you would prefer but be willing to bend to the office schedule if necessary. Making your appointment well in advance will be to your advantage.

Arrive for your appointment with time to spare and have pertinent information at hand. There will be new patient forms to fill out and it’s nice to be able to take a minute to relax before you see the dentist or hygienist. You will be asked to list any medications, prescription and over the counter that you are currently taking, how long you’ve been taking them and if there have been any recent changes in dosage.

Contact information is important. The office will need to be able to reach you for future updates or if there is an unanticipated change in scheduling. Be ready to note your phone numbers as well as those of your physician and personal emergency information.

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