The goal of orthodontic dentistry is to re-position misaligned teeth or correct an unorthodox bite. Treatment may be applied to children or adults with particular concerns for each age group.

One of the main FAQ’s of an orthodontic patient is how long he will have to wear the braces once they are attached. The answer is different for every patient but it can be a fairly slow process with the average length of time being 24 months. A lot will depend on whether or not the patient carries out a healthy oral care regimen while wearing the appliance. He will need to brush and floss carefully, follow care instructions to the letter and see his dentist at regularly scheduled intervals.

If you have gone through orthodontic treatment you will no doubt want to do everything possible to maintain a positive outcome. When your braces come off you will be fitted with a retainer to keep your teeth from moving back out of position. Your dentist will recommend that you wear it every night for the best results and that you bring it with you to appointments so that any needed adjustments can be made and so that any plaque buildup can be removed.

If you are concerned about an irregularity in your bite that may have gone untreated over time talk to the orthodontic specialists at Dental Care Associates about the possibilities for improvement. Visit the website today to learn more.