We are all aware that some of the foods and drinks that we enjoy so much are going to stain our teeth. Among the worst offenders are red wine, coffee, tea and dark fruits. If you’re not sure try to remember that anything that will stain your tablecloth will have the same affect on your tooth enamel. There’s no need to give up all your favorites but as with most things, moderation is key.

When those unsightly stains do appear you can try one of the many toothpastes that claim to contain a whitening agent and if that doesn’t work you can always consider using a whitening system. There are a lot of over the counter brands available but if you want to feel completely safe about it and get the best results possible, a professional in-office procedure is recommended. Your dentist can supply you with custom fitted whitening trays and a stronger whitening gel that you can take home with you, if you prefer.

But what about the kind of stains that come from inside your teeth? These intrinsic stains can be brought about by an overexposure to fluoride during the time that your teeth were still developing or the trauma from injury. A dental crown or porcelain veneer is best in the case of intrinsic staining.

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