The association between oral health and type 2 diabetes has been well established. Dentists are alert to the signals that may indicate an interaction. If there are signs of gum disease along with the presence of tooth decay it may indicate an underlying theme of symptoms. If he suspects a correlation the dentist will recommend that his patient check in with a physician for further evaluation.

A patient who is dealing with type 2 diabetes must be sure to alert their dentist so that he can provide important information and advice in dealing with the dental issues that may arise as a side effect. Diet, for instance, can affect both diabetes and dental diseases, your dentist can recommend changes that could make a difference. It is also more important than ever that you follow a schedule of regular professional dental care.

The ever-changing levels of blood sugar are but one of the symptoms that people suffering from diabetes must cope with. Ask your dentist if this could make a difference in how you may react to a dental procedure and if it would affect your recovery time. Medications or dosages may be able to be adjusted if they are having an effect on your dental health.

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