You brush twice a day and you floss after meals, good job but you still need professional teeth cleaning every 6 months just in case you may have missed a spot. When plaque turns to tartar only your hygienist can remove it. If you don’t have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis the tartar will eat away at your tooth enamel which will eventually result in tooth decay. Having your teeth cleaned is much less expensive than having a restoration.

Tartar buildup is a leading source of the infection that causes the gum tissue to break away from the teeth creating pockets that fill with bacteria and promote gum disease. Advanced stages of gum disease require extensive treatment.

You may be doing things that put you at higher risk for oral disease without realizing or even being aware of it. Grinding your teeth at night for instance, or clenching them together when you’re stressed out may be a totally involuntary reaction but your dentist will be able to recognize the signs during your regular checkup

Even if you’re the one who always comes home from the dentist’s office with freshly brightened teeth and a clean bill of health don’t take it for granted, keep up with regularly scheduled checkups.

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