The initial visit with your new dentist sets the tone for the doctor-patient relationship that can last for many years to come. No doubt you’ve done your research and considered the recommendations from friends and/or coworkers and have settled on a dental practice that seems to be in tune with your needs.

Because it’s important to establish a baseline for future reference your dentist will want to take a full medical history – don’t forget to bring all the pertinent information with you to the appointment. He will need to know about any medications you may be taking, both prescription AND over the counter, how long you’ve been taking each one and what dosage you are on. You may be able to provide some of this data via the dentist’s website new patient form.

X-rays are an important diagnostic tool. If yours are current and have been transferred from your previous dentist to your new one there may not be a need for additional pictures at this time. If it’s been awhile, however, you can expect your new dentist to order a full set of x-rays.

In order to get a good evaluation of your overall oral health, your dentist will do a thorough exam which will include checking for signs of disease, performing an oral cancer screening and making sure that all your previous dental work is intact.

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