If you want to avoid premature tooth loss you have to find ways to preserve your tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is what protects your teeth from the invasion of decay. It is an extremely durable substance but it can be damaged when the acids from the foods and drinks that we consume mix with the oral bacteria that thrives in our mouths. Sugar also gets in on the action.

Foods that are high in sugar content and richly acidic should be avoided in the effort to maintain the strength of your tooth enamel. Instead of choosing a soft drink enjoy a cool drink of tap water. Not only will it help to keep your body hydrated but it is an excellent source of the fluoride that prevents cavities. If you add ice cubes to your glass of water resist the temptation to chew them, biting down on such a hard surface can easily chip your tooth enamel.

Fresh fruits are good for you but the sticky ones like raisins or dates can get stuck in between your teeth leaving them exposed to the threat over a long period of time. Same goes for starchy chips and pretzels.

If you must indulge in the foods that you know are bad for your teeth, take precautions. Sip fruit juices and soft drinks through a straw and rinse with water afterward.

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