The general rule of thumb is to brush your teeth twice a day, preferably after meals. When you think about it however, we eat more often than twice a day so it only seems reasonable that the standard be reformed. The problem with trying to brush more often is that it is usually an impractical and sometimes impossible task. After all, you can’t just excuse yourself after having a doughnut during the weekly staff meeting.
Flossing might be a bit easier to accomplish. It takes less time and you don’t need a bathroom sink.

There are a couple of tips that might help to accomplish better results when you do find the time to brush and floss. The main reason for brushing is to remove bacteria and the plaque that it can leave behind. Plaque can form on your tongue as well as on your teeth so be sure to include your tongue when you brush or try using a tongue scraper.

If you’ve had dental work done, more specifically if you have had a dental crown installed you may change the way you floss around that tooth. Pulling straight up to remove the flossing string could possibly disturb the crown. Instead, slide the floss gently sideways out from between your teeth.

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